Friday, 28 September 2012

Does Your Hero Have That 'Awwww' Factor Moment?

(Photo and quip taken from a Facebook post)

In another setting, this comment would be possessive, forceful, commandeering, bully-ish, robbing one of their free will to make their own decision. However, there's something endearing and precious about the photo that takes those harsh words out of the equation.

Question: Is it the fact that it's a big-eyed cat, and if you're a cat lover you automatically go, 'awwwww', or is it because you know just how much that cat loves its human?

How can you use this same sentiment and interject it into your hero? Give him that 'awwwww' factor moment, the kind that -- when used in a movie scene --  wins awards at the Oscars.

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