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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

"...well written, well developed story with almost flawless characters..." Readers' Favorite reviews. A HAVEN IN THE WOODS

by Nancy Shew Bolton.
Reviewed by Deborah Stone for Readers' Favorite

"A Haven in the Woods by Nancy Shew Bolton is a love story filled with fear, tension and heartache. I thought this was going to be a predictable love story, but it is not. This romance is a picture of contrasts and an example of how trust in God, mixed with compassion and patience, can achieve things that we never dreamed possible. A Haven in the Woods is a love story between two unlikely people under extreme circumstances. Robert MacDonald and his dog, Beastie, live a secluded and peaceful life deep in the wooded wilderness. Robert studies the habit of birds and finds a way to protect endangered species. Ellen and her cat, Jitterbug, have just rented a cabin nearby for the winter. Ellen is hiding and has come to this desolate place to anonymously deliver her baby and put it up for adoption. Her life up until now has not allowed her to trust anyone and she certainly does not trust a total stranger living alone in the woods. As Robert's genuine desire to help Ellen grows, she must learn to trust him when he becomes her rescuer from the severe elements of nature. The tension between these two strangers, thrust together by forces not of their own will, causes one to re-evaluate a life lived and the other to rely totally on God to make a way through an impossible situation.

Nancy Shew Bolton invites us into a love story that is tumultuous at best. Fear, anger and the inability to trust anyone else have imprisoned Ellen's heart and mind. Robert does not understand this woman at all. One minute she is playful and sweet, the next she is angry, guarded and defensive. As Robert seeks God, he is reminded that all things are possible. Nancy Shew Bolton's characters are raw and vulnerable and they show us the best and worst in us all. Nancy Shew Bolton reminds us of the virtue of patience and the need for compassion. This well written, well developed story with almost flawless characters is an enjoyable romance novel, an interesting read, and an inspiration to be a more balanced and better person. I absolutely enjoyed this book. It reminds me of the patience that we all need to develop in our lives."

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