Friday, October 23, 2020

"...perfect weekend read for the reader who enjoys well-written, clean love stories." Cecelia Hopkins for Readers' Favorite

This has been a whirlwind week. His Amish Baby reached the #1 BEST SELLER spot last Monday on Amazon and the Amazon and GoodReads reviews have been stunningly wonderful, to say the least. Silly me, I thought we'd always keep the orange Best Seller ribbon, but it goes away when it's no longer in that spot. Ah, well... At least I took a screenshot.

When Readers' Review alerted me to their review of His Amish Baby, I knew I had to share.

Read the review here

I'm so grateful for the many, many people who have helped promote and get the word out there about the book Tattie Maggard and I wrote together. In my humble opinion, we make a guete team.

Book 3 in An Englisher Romance is currently in the editing process and set to be released early 2021.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Keeping The Momentum Going!

 Thank you, everyone, who helped get His Amish Baby to the #1 Best Seller list on Monday.

I was beyond thrilled by that little orange sticker! 

Today, His Amish Baby is featured on Christian Book Finds

If you haven't done so yet, you can still get your copy of His Amish Baby while it's $0.99

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Featured and Reviewed!

 HIS AMISH BABY featured today on Faithful Reads

Here's what one reviewer has to say about HIS AMISH BABY:

For the Love of a Child

On the day of Raim Schwartz’s wedding to Bethany Girod, who will be his perfect Amish wife, an Englisher from his Rumspringa days that are an alcohol blur, shows up with her suitcases. And a baby. A romance that carries the reader along expected and unexpected paths to a perfect Amish romance ending. The expected clash of cultures is tempered by the unconditional love Raim’s family shows Alyssa and Landon. This satisfying romance is well written and edited. The authors understand the faith and heart of the Amish community, the warmth of the people, the lifestyle they choose generation after generation, the faith that defines them to the outside world informs the very believable inhabitants of the book. The chapters and dialog moves the story along at a satisfying pace. Warmed my heart.

Review written by Jorja Davis

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Even strong people have a breaking point... NEW Amish Romance


Raim Schwartz’s Rumspringa is a blurry distant memory, one that makes little difference as he prepares for his future. The last thing he expects on his wedding day is Alyssa Moore, his former neighbor in Springfield, to show up and announce he’s the dat of her baby. Homeless and unemployed, Alyssa is desperate for Raim’s help, but it comes with emotional strings attached. Can Alyssa bear to be parted from the baby she’d made great sacrifices to keep?



When Mr. Schwartz closed the Bible, the family bowed their heads and shut their eyes before Mr. Schwartz began to pray in English. Not sure what to do, Alyssa glanced at Raim. Her heart flip-flopped when he suddenly opened his eyes and locked gazes with her.

“Father, we thank Thee for Thy Word. It tells how You want a relationship with each of us, no matter where we are or our circumstances.”

Alyssa blinked, but neither she nor Raim broke eye contact.

“We’re thankful You sent Alyssa and Landon to us. Bless them, Father, as only Thou art able to.”

A slow smile spread across Raim’s mouth. A corner of Alyssa’s heart—a spot she’d thought shriveled up a long time ago—sparked to life. The tears she’d fought off earlier returned. Unable to bear the emotion, she pushed to her feet and rushed to the door.

A moment later, she stood on the wooden steps in the chilly night, gulping in fresh air.

The door creaked open behind her. “Alyssa?” Raim’s calm voice reached out to her.

“I’m sorry.” She dashed wildly at the moisture flowing down her cheeks.

“It hasn’t been easy for you,” he said, draping a heavy coat around her shoulders. “Taking care of my son without any financial or family support.”

“Yeah.” Her fingers grabbed the edges of the garment and drew it around her. “Easy is certainly not the word I’d use.”