Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Here are some Treats too good to pass up!
Some are free and some are $.99
THE "IN" CROWD (Life With Stef) by Susette Williams
FREE! Dec. 4-8 http://ow.ly/fNCoA

WINTER CHILL (Seasons of the Heart) by Susette Williams
FREE! Dec. 7&8 http://ow.ly/fNCuQ

Cry for the Moon by William Woodall
FREE! Dec. 4-8 http://ow.ly/fNC7L

FREE! Dec. 4-8 http://ow.ly/fNCGs

Pibbin the Small by Gloria Repp
FREE! Dec. 4-8 http://ow.ly/fND3K

The Story Shell: Book Two in Tales of Friendship Bog by Gloria Repp
FREE! Dec. 4-8 http://ow.ly/fNDou

Some Happy Day by Elaine Littau
FREE! Dec. 6&7 http://ow.ly/fNDlL

Betrovia by Dave King
FREE! Dec. 6-8 http://ow.ly/fNE2t

21 Days of Gratitude Challenge by Shelley Hitz
FREE! Dec. 4-8 http://ow.ly/fNEvB

Charlie's Angel by Samantha Fury
ONLY $.99! Dec. 4-8 http://ow.ly/fNEsa

Emaline's Gift by Brad Francis
ONLY $.99! Dec. 4-8 http://ow.ly/fNEoU

Times of Trouble by Cliff Ball
ONLY $.99! Dec. 4-8 http://ow.ly/fNBUe

Times of Trial by Cliff Ball
ONLY $.99! Dec. 4-8 http://ow.ly/fNC34

Wheels of Love (Breaking Dawn Book Series) by Amy Leah Magaw
Only $.99! Dec. 4-8 http://ow.ly/fNEhC

Home (Breaking Dawn Book Series) by Amy Leah Magaw
Only $.99! Dec. 4-8 http://ow.ly/fNEcg

Lycentia by Dave King
Only $.99! Dec. 4-8 http://ow.ly/fNE53

The Book of the Harvest by Brad Francis
ONLY $.99! Dec. 4-8 http://ow.ly/fNEG9

Forgiveness Formula by Shelley Hitz
ONLY $.99! Dec. 4-8 http://ow.ly/fNEJl

How to Find Free Christian Books Online by Shelley Hitz
ONLY $.99 via Amazon! http://ow.ly/fNEzQ 
Free via Smashwords and BN! Dec. 4-8

Retreat to Folly by Missy Fillion
ONLY $.99! Dec. 4-8 http://ow.ly/fNEEu

For Animal Lovers by Kim Cano
ONLY $.99! Dec. 4-8 http://ow.ly/fNCXc

The 'In' Crowd (Life With Stef)

The 'In' Crowd (Life With Stef) [Kindle Edition]

Susette Williams 

Digital List Price:$2.99 What's this? 
Kindle Price:$0.00 includes free international wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet
You Save:$2.99 (100%)

Book Description

 November 18, 2012
Jamie, Heather, and Rachael enjoy snubbing Stephanie because she isn't part of The 'In' Crowd.

When Heather's father loses his job and there's 'talk' of them moving to a neighborhood like Stephanie's, Heather's friends turn their back on her. Stephanie feels bad for the way Heather's so-called friends are treating her and befriends her. Heather can't understand why Stephanie would be nice to her after the way she has treated her in the past.

Forgiveness and friendship are a lesson both girls learn about in The 'In' Crowd.

Make sure to look for book 2, On My Own. In book 2, Stef realizes that being alone for the first time can be scary. When Stephanie's parents trust her to be on her own and even baby-sit for her brother and sister, there's more than shadows spooking her and what about the mysterious phone calls and the man outside?

Stephanie finds out that being On My Own isn't that easy.

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