Tuesday, 25 February 2014

eFiction Finds for February 25, 2014!

eFiction Finds

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

eFiction Finds for February 25, 2014!

The Sanctuary by Sarah Collins

This book has an average 4.7 star rating and is FREE!
“Really sweet book in a wonderful setting with a surprise twist! I loved the beach and details of the ocean and sea creatures.” Lee
“A clean, crisp read. Well researched, detailed fiction and fact blended into a story that one cares about.” Joyce B.
Cassie Lewis has loved the beaches of Mexico and the Sea of Cortez as long as she can remember and has vowed to save the disappearing dolphin. When her plans for a breeding sanctuary are threatened by construction of a million-dollar resort, she rushes to Baja.
Alejandro has never denied his family – or his future. The Baja resort is the crowning jewel in his family’s corporation and he vows to protect it.
An accident brings Cassie and Alejandro together...but will his past keep them apart?
Cassie and her mission change everything for him, and he is forced to choose between family, duty and love.

Note: Prices subject to change. Please verify the price on Amazon before purchasing.

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