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Friday, October 5, 2012

Pick Up Your Copy Before The Deal Ends!

“I laughed and laughed and it made me take a look inside myself to know when things aren’t going right to make sure I have the right attitude.” ~ Sharma Darby
“Loved Accidental Meeting. The characters came to life; like I was reading someone’s journal. The story was engaging and drew me into Abbey’s world and challenges. Couldn’t put it down!!!” ~ LovesAGoodStory
“This story had hilarious parts that will make you laugh, and things that make you want to beat someone up, when her former boss makes horrible and overly disgusting advances towards Abbey. Bruce is the hero, with those dreamy chocolate eyes. All in all a great story!” ~ Cindy Loven
“I rarely read this genre, but I may have to start after reading Accidental Meeting. This story was hard to put down. The main character, Abbey, has many challenges to overcome including a difficult boss, job loss, a life changing car accident, and falling in love. Her Christian values help her through the problems she is facing. This book is fast paced, humorous, and down to earth. Abbey is an everyday girl who is easy to relate to. I highly recommend this book!” ~ Shari Elliott

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