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Saturday, December 15, 2012

2 book trailers, same author

I like happy endings, and this book has one. Lewis  |  5 reviewers made a similar statement

5.0 out of 5 stars Romance in the High Country September 21, 2012
Kim McMahill is a natural born writer.

Big Horn Storm is set in the Big Horn Mountains, a few miles from the Canadian border. It is the kind of romantic adventure that is pure escapism and makes you want to sign up for a dude ranch immediately.

Niki Garat is a graphic designer who works in Denver but lives for the few weeks each summer that she spends with her grandfather at the Blackburn Ranch. Since her difficult childhood, it has been her home away from home, though her grandfather is only an employee at the ranch which is owned by Bob Blackburn and his impossibly handsome son, Deuce.

This summer, as Niki heads to the ranch, America is under threat of attack from a coalition of enemies and Iranians are massing on the Canadian border. Still, it does not occur to Niki that the tranquillity of the ranch may be affected by international events. She's more concerned as to why her childhood friend and idol, Deuce Blackburn has barely uttered a civil word to her for years.

What makes Big Horn Storm such a page turner is the blend of the romantic relationship and the authenticity of the setting. Kim McMahill knows how to take her time, both in bringing the reader into the grand landscape and building up the characters. Whether describing hobbling horses, riding the trail or setting the coffee to perk on the fire, the detail and language show a true intimacy with the rituals of ranch life.

The coalition of enemies attacking America is slightly implausible but when soldiers appear in the mountains, the action is realistic and stays right on genre because the characters only do what they know from their years of ranching.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and anyone who has ever dreamed of being a cowgirl out in the wilds with a gruff, gorgeous cowboy who gets to rip off his bloodstained shirt, will too.

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