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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Carlene says: "Sweet and Wonderful!"

Runaway Hearts [Kindle Edition]

Karen Cogan 

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Lynn thought putting distance between herself and her mother was healthy. Then she met Greg. He not only understands the meaning of running away from his problems, he's about to give her a painful lesson on the subject. 

5.0 out of 5 stars Sweet and Wonderful! November 6, 2013
By Carlene
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
This book is all about love. It clearly demonstrated that the best love flows from God – that once He is acknowledged, what cannot be explained can be accepted. Both Lynn and Greg had real-world issues to work through. I found the Southwestern setting perfect for two people trying to find themselves. Author Karen Cogan’s word pictures took me back to vacation times in New Mexico and Arizona. If you enjoy sweet romance, the kind that leaves you drying a happy tear at the end, I think you’ll love “Runaway Hearts.”

Copyright © 2013 Karen Cogan
Lynn swallowed the last sip from the water bottle she’d propped beside her on the seat of her truck, and perused the housing she’d been promised upon taking the job. Small, square, and beige, the cluster of houses appeared exactly alike. No one stirred in any of the tiny yards, only a pair of jeans hanging on a clothesline proved this was not a ghost town. She finally spotted a two-story, adobe building across the street from a small food market, and dilapidated gas station, and decided she’d found Desert Rock Boarding School.
The name was written in both English and Navajo, and she wondered if she’d ever learn to pronounce the Native American version.
After parking her truck in front of the adobe building, Lynn took a deep breath, and let her body adjust to the stillness. The sensation was odd after jostling over miles of rutted roads.
She stared at the doorway for a moment, mustering up the nerve to go inside. She’d arrived here and might as well see how far over her head she was.
Though it wasn’t noon yet, the desert heat already pushed ninety-five degrees. She wiped her perspiring palms on her skirt and lifted her thick copper hair off her neck, as she studied her reflection in the school’s glass doors.
Reaching for the door, she lost her balance when someone inside the building pushed on the door at the same time, causing her to flail in an effort not to land on the ground.
“I’m sorry,” a man said, grabbing her arm and righting her before she landed in the dirt.
 She gasped, and her cheeks heated, as she stared into the richest, chestnut-brown eyes she’d ever seen. Her first day and already she’d managed to make a fool of herself.
He said, “I didn’t see you. Are you all right?”
She forced a smile. “I’m fine. My mind was on finding the office. I didn’t watch the door.”
 He reached to shake her hand. “I’m Greg Martin. I teach sixth grade. Maybe I can help you. I’m an old-timer. I’ve been here at Desert Rock for the past three years.” 
More heat crept into her cheeks, and she wished she’d introduced herself first.
“I’m Lynn Martin, the new fifth grade teacher. Good to meet you.”
The rich, chestnut eyes went wide. “Same last name, huh?”
“Apparently.” Did he think she would lie about it?
His grin showed a row of straight white teeth. “We’ll be interesting gossip.”
Had someone placed an “Embarrass me” sign on her back? How could one man manage to discompose her three times in five minutes?

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