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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

eFiction Finds for November 26, 2013!

eFiction Finds

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Good Neighbors by Sheila Roberts

This book has an average 4.1 star rating and is FREE!

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“I love Sheila Roberts...Her stories draw you in right from the start. I believe that the characters are similar to the people in my hometown. Awesome author.” Paula D.
“I thought this book was very sweet and really made me smile :) I enjoyed this book right from start to finish!” Alicia S.

In Good Neighbors, Meredith Lange hopes that she and her son can start over in Icicle Falls, Washington. Her family's cabin is the only thing she's got left after settling her late husband's gambling debts. But on the first night in her new home, Jed Banks shows up, claiming to be the cabin's rightful owner. Then her son, Leo, starts getting into trouble at school.
Jed offers to help Leo adjust to life in Icicle Falls. His charitable organization, Youth Power, pairs up troubled kids with a responsible teen mentor. But how can Meredith accept Jed's help? He may be a devoted advocate for young people and a very attractive man, but he's also trying to take away her home...

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