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Thursday, November 7, 2013

How Does an Allergy Cause Tiredness?

How Does an Allergy Cause Tiredness?
But why does an allergy cause tiredness? Well this is quiet easy to understand. Essentially when you have an allergic reaction to something this is just the result of an overzealous reaction from your immune system. It notices a foreign material in your blood stream be it pollen or yeast, and it then responds by attacking it to try and eradicate it. It's not known how our body comes to mistake certain materials for toxins and why this varies from person to person, but either way it will of course result in tiredness as your body is fighting to remove what it thinks is a toxin. This then directs energy to your immune system and so away from the rest of your body causing tiredness. At the same time some of the reactions themselves can directly cause tiredness such as an altered breathing pattern. Some allergies will have no symptoms apart from tiredness and that includes things like bread often and this can make it possible for you to suffer those symptoms for years and be unaware.

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