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Monday, November 25, 2013

How to prepare and the medical conditions it helps


Prepare a tea from 2 teaspoons of plant placed in 250 ml boiling water. Cover for 10 minutes, then filter. You can consume up to 2 cups a day. It can be used for long term treatment without unwanted adverse reactions.

If used externally, use a double amount of the plant.

One can also use the plant to prepare a cream in which boil 100 g fat (pork lard, butter, Vaseline, wool fat) in a water bath, mixed with 50 g ground plant for 3 hours. Filter and if you want to add more consistency, add 20 g or more of beeswax.

It can be used for the following medical conditions: ophthalmologic conditions (warm compresses on shut eyes), lack of menses, blepharitis, constipation, cuperosis, eczema, pharyngitis, galactagog (it increases the amount of milk at young mothers), herpes, hydropsia, hemorrhoids, eyelid inflammation, insect stings, gravel, irritant wounds, itchiness, urinary retentions, pharingyan and mouth ulcerations, stomatitis. It can also be used in combination with other medicinal plants. The fruits are also used for skin diseases, ocular conditions and cuperosis.

The fresh fruit is ideal for ocular conditions, pouring it straight in the eye.

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