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Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Traveler’s Checklist

The Traveler’s Checklist

Before you leave, remember to get:
  • a medical check-up
  • travel health insurance from Diabetes Association
  • an identification card and MedicAlert ™ bracelet or necklace
  • information on the local foods and drinking water
  • a list of your medications
  • a letter from your doctor
  • any needed vaccinations
  • information on local medical facilities or organizations
Ask your doctor or health care team about:
  • illness management
  • hypoglycemia management (glucagon for insulin users)
  • adjustments for meals, insulin and medications in different time zones
  • avoiding illness caused by contaminated food and water
  • tips for adjusting your medication if required
Packing list:
  • extra supply of insulin or oral agent for diabetes
  • extra supply of syringes, needles and an extra insulin pen if used *
  • blood glucose testing kit and record book
  • fast-acting insulin for high blood glucose and ketones *
  • fast-acting sugar to treat low blood glucose
  • extra food to cover delayed meals such as a box of cookies or crackers and fruit juice
  • urine ketone-testing strips *
  • anti-nausea and anti-diarrhea pills
  • pain medication
  • sunblock
  • insect repellent
  • large amounts of bottled water, if necessary
  • comfortable walking shoes
  • Glucagon *
  • telephone numbers of your doctor and diabetes educator
  • supplies for the trip home in case you run into any problems

* Supplies for insulin users

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