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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Word of the Day: Raucous

Word of the Day: Raucous

Raucous /ˈrɔkəs/ is an adjective used to describe the loud harsh sound of voices or the cry of birds or animals. It can also be applied to boisterous, noisy, rowdy, disorderly behavior.
Raucous entered the language in the18th century from a Latin word meaning “hoarse, harsh, rough.
In political writing, this adjective is added so frequently to the word debate that “raucous debate” can be regarded as a cliché.
For almost a year now, many states have been engulfed in a raucous debate about the Common Core State Standards. (Thomas H. Fordham Education Gadfly)
Glover was called to the stage and further engaged the audience in a raucous call and response on “Hey NaNa” before settling into a slower groove with “Out in the Street.” (SoundFuse Magazine)

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