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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

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A Bride For Christmas by Aileen Fish

This book has an average 4.3 star rating and is FREE!

A Bride For Christmas

“This Sweet Regency Christmas story is one that will stay with you long after you finish reading. I so enjoyed the family aspects and the dilemma the hero and heroine both find themselves struggling with. Finding love isn't always wanted or easy, and people tend to look in all the wrong places, but sometimes it is right under their noses. Betty B.

“This is definitely a sweet romantic story....very clean. The author keeps the characters' behavior true to the time in which the story is set, which is shortly after the Napoleonic war. Despite its short length the author managed to create a story that leaves you feeling completely satisfied at its conclusion. Both the plot and the characters are fully developed. I would definitely recommend this story.” Reading Fanatic

The Christmas season has always been important to Nash Sinclair. Home from the war and surrounded by his large, loving family, he realizes what is missing from his life: a wife. Not too surprisingly, he is looking at his sister-in-law’s rather becoming (and unmarried) sister when he makes the decision. 

Lady Julianna intends to remain unmarried, having no need for a husband to live the life of her dreams. Rather than explain her unusual choice, she insists only a man who slays dragons would suit her, and since dragons don't exist, neither does her ideal beau. 

Not one to turn away from a challenge, Nash enlists the aid of his nieces and nephews in a scheme sure to win Lady Julianna's affection. But as he comes to know the lady better, he realizes he’s risking his own heart. When did his silly idea become a crucial quest?


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