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Monday, December 2, 2013

eFiction Finds' Dec. 2, 2013

eFiction Finds

Sisters of Grace by H. M. Mann

This book has a 4.6  star rating and is Free!

“Love this book and the characters were amazing, funny and honest.” – dun

“This is a great book.  It kept my interest and I did not want to put it down.” –  Shel

When lightning strikes the roof of Grace Apostolic Faith Church in Grace, Alabama, during a tropical storm, Andrew Hunt stops to fix it. Once he does, he finds himself immersed in the middle of an "almost" wedding and a flood of Gray family drama. 
Andrew had left Virginia to pursue a youth pastor position at Grace, a small, all-black country church, but Reverend Gray only grudgingly uses him as the church’s handyman. While keeping the church from falling apart with prayer, plaster, and Plumber’s Goop, Andrew encounters Reverend Gray’s daughters, who are as different as night and day: younger sister Elizabeth Gray, single mother of Paul, who craves her family’s forgiveness and prays for a good man; and older sister Mary, five times engaged—and disengaged—who has been fruitlessly searching for a holy helpmate she can control. 
Over the course of only eight eventful days, miracles abound as the rain streams down, and Andrew—and both sisters—find love again. 

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