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Monday, December 23, 2013

eFiction Finds for 23 December, 2013!

eFiction Finds 
Christmas Here and There by Mona Risk
This book has a 4.9 star rating and is Only 99 Cents on Amazon!
“These books are sweet and fun to read.  Something about Christmas love is heartwarming.” – Rebecca

“A super way to get into the Christmas spirit. Very believable characters.  I enjoyed reading all three books.” – Rolene Johnson
HER CHRISTMAS CRUISE: The perfect fiancé is a cheater and the fabulous Christmas wedding is off. When a desperate Julia comes in Tony's mother's travel agency, the dedicated psychiatrist is there to pick up the pieces. Sparks fly between them and Tony is willing to put his life on hold for Julia. Nothing goes according to plan, but the would-be honeymoon cruise may fulfill their secret dreams. 
AN UNUSUAL CHRISTMAS: Dr. Jillian is always running away to the end of the world to avoid Christmas celebrations and the sad reminders of her dead son. But in Belarus, a baby girl, four little boys, and a handsome doctor will teach her the true meaning of Christmas.
CHRISTMAS BABIES: When a health problem jolts Dr. Madelyn into the realization than there's more to life than just work, she longs to surrender to the magic of Christmas. But can she handle the charming and secretive Dr. Nick Preston who carries his own package of disillusions? Can she allow two newborn twins to worm their way into her heart? 
Note: Prices subject to change. Please verify the price on Amazon before purchasing.

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