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Sunday, December 15, 2013

New Brunswick's royal family of candy

In 1873, James and Gilbert Ganong opened a grocery and retail business in St. Stevens, New Brunswick, Canada. At that time, purchasing and selling chocolate was a very small part of their business. It wasn't long before the brothers realized that in order for them to compete in the retail market, they would have to specialize in a specific product. They began to sell fresh oysters, but the end result was less than favorable. James and Gilbert then tried making and selling their own brand of soap. The result was much the same.
The brothers continued to experiment with different products and then, they hit a gold mine. The began to make and sell their own brand of candy. They didn't realize that they had laid a foundation that would turn into Canada's oldest family run candy maker. The reason that Ganong candy is still so popular today is because the brothers insisted that their candy be of the finest quality.

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