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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Readers' Favorite reviews The Gingerbread House

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The Gingerbread House by Jacqueline Hopper
Fiction - Chick Lit
71 Pages
Reviewed on 12/03/2013

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Book Review
Reviewed by Natasha Jackson for Readers' Favorite

Keren Joel suffered a childhood trauma that forever transformed how she looked at the world: every stranger is a potential threat to her life and well-being. Decades later, seeing her own son Sawyer escorted away from home by a strange man brought all those memories crashing back, and in the process, severely traumatizing the little boy. But with the help of The Gingerbread House and her childhood best friend Jared Oath, Keren and Sawyer both start the long journey to healing. Sawyer is immediately taken with Jared as well as the therapeutic version of his own mom, Kizzy. Keren, however, is taken with the grown-up, all male version of her best friend. Jacqueline Hopper does a good job of painting Jared perfectly without making him seem too perfect. He is handsome, he’s kind-hearted, and he helps give Keren's son a chance at a real childhood without fear.

The Gingerbread House is short but it is in no way unfinished or incomplete. The story of Keren and Jared is heartfelt and highly emotional. They both struggle with guilt from long ago sins, making it impossible to see the other for the person they have become. Jacqueline Hopper’s genius in this is illustrating their healing through Sawyer, Kizzy, and Tenny rather than an angst-filled plot between the adults. It lightens what is a heavy subject matter and infuses it with the cute and the adorable. The romance doesn’t build as quickly as you would think and I think that was a perfect plan. There was a lot of healing and forgiveness that needed to take place before Keren or Jared could open themselves up to real adult love again. The Gingerbread House was a fantastic tale filled with amazing characters.

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