Thursday, December 19, 2013

The thief studied the key pad in the quiet darkness of the alley...

The Love Thief Will Steal Your Heart...


When the jewelry gallery she works at is robbed, Sandra is not just the prime suspect; she is the only suspect. Desperate to clear her name, she reluctantly agrees to work with sexy former jewel thief, Alex Daniels, to recover the jewelry and catch a thief.
He reminds her of the men who lounge half-naked across Ferraris in fragrance ads, aloof and confident in their looks. Alex can't believe anyone as naive and trusting as Sandra can be for real. Thrown together to solve the robbery, Alex feels his heart begin to thaw towards Sandra. As his feelings become stronger, Alex must ask her to rekindle a romance to her recently paroled ex-boyfriend, who holds the key to solving the robbery.
In the end, Sandra must decide if it is more important to clear her name or follow her heart.
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Copyright 2013 © Daisy Jerico

The thief studied the key pad in the quiet darkness of the alley. At three in the morning, even the drunks had given up on the night. A smile touched his lips. It felt wonderful to be out of jail and back doing what he did best. He shone a shielded LED penlight to illuminate the worn numbers and punched in the code. He waited, barely breathing, until he heard an internal latch pull back, allowing access to the art gallery. A drop of sweat slid down his face. Adrenaline caused his heart to beat in his ears. He loved the danger.
The information from his source panned out. Things were so much easier this way. He crept down the narrow hallway towards the main part of the gallery. Insurance required each display case be lit. They appeared suspended in the dark room. Consulting a list, the thief located the pieces he wanted. As soon as he broke the glass, the alarm would go off, followed by the first call from the security company. A minute or two later, they would try again. Then, notify the police.
He figured he could be out the door in less than three minutes once he broke the first glass. The thief took a deep breath to begin when a light in the corner drew his eye. He checked his list, but didn’t find it.
Curiosity nagged at him and he padded silently over to investigate. He stared down at the pendant in the case—a small but excellent quality chocolate diamond with a delicate ribbon of platinum around it. His breath caught and he leaned forward to see how the artist created the illusion that the gem floated in the setting. It was magnificent. He smiled at the unexpected find and then looked at the artist’s name. Laughter bubbled out of him.
It wouldn’t take him but an extra ten seconds to do this case. The piece was a tour de force of talent behind the simple lines. Whoever ended up with this would be pleased. He briefly considered keeping the item. Holding onto anything from a heist was dangerous and incriminating. This one was special though. There was a connection between him and the artist. He mentally congratulated himself. He always had an eye for talent.
He held the small hammer and prepared to set the timer on his watch. Adrenaline messed with time perception and he was too experienced to take a chance. He did one more walk through and took three deep breaths to center himself.
He raised the hammer over the first case and swung in one smooth movement as he hit the timer.

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