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Thursday, January 2, 2014

eFiction Finds for January 2, 2014

eFiction Finds

Shades of Honor by Wendy Lindstrom
This book has an average 4.3 star rating and is currently FREE

“All the characters were beautifully described and the story unfolded very well.” S. Abdullah
“This story proves how true love can catch your heart and how a strong bond of a family can overcome any situation.” Mary Nettle
Everything Radford Grayson wanted was in his hometown: his beloved mother and brothers, and the unscarred part of himself he'd left behind. After surviving a gruesome war, all Radford wants is to work the family sawmill and make a real home for his young daughter. But Evelyn--his brother's fiancée--reaches into his darkness with her healing love and makes him feel whole again for the first time in years. Torn between his unexpected and forbidden love for Evelyn and a desperate need to honor and protect his brother, Radford discovers that his fiercest enemy is his own heart. The one woman he cannot have is the only woman he wants.
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