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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Spearmint: Preparation and serving methods

Preparation and serving methods

Unlike other mint species, spearmint contains very minimal quantities in menthol; hence less harsh and pungent, making it one of the most preferred herbs in cooking, confectionary, and in health drinks.
Here are some serving tips:
spaermint tea
Spearmint herb tea.
Photo courtesy: tusnelda

  • Its fresh leaves, either chopped or ground, can be added in the salads.
  • It is good for making mint sauce. To prepare mint sauce, ground fresh mint leaves mixed with yogurt, cumin and little salt.
  • The herb is also used as flavoring agent in ice-creams, jams, cakes, jelly, etc.
  • Spearmint tea is a popular drink.
  • The herb is also used in cooking recipes. In general, the herb is added in small amounts, chopped or ground, to recipes at the last moment in order to retain their flavor and taste.

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