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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Weight loss benefits of yacun syrup

Weight loss benefits

The benefits associated with yacon syrup have been discussed recently on the Doctor Oz show. From the discussion, the syrup appears to be perfect for weight loss. This has been based on a 2009 clinical trial as well as an experiment carried out on 60 female volunteers, all of whom were viewers of this show. These women were instructed to consume a teaspoon of yacon syrup daily for a period of 28 days during or before each meal. They were also instructed not to make any alterations to their dietary or exercise habits so as to obtain a clear result. Out of the 60, only 40 succeeded in doing this for the whole month, though the findings were pretty significant. 29 of them managed to lose weight in the 4-week period. Among them, 14 lost 5 pounds or more. On average, the weight loss per person was 2.9 pounds, with a 1.9 inches average waist reduction. Additionally, the overall weight loss for the whole group was 153 pounds. This led to 27 people commending yacon extract for weight loss. The results was a reflection of a 2009 study, which displayed similar weight loss results; a 33 pounds average weight loss and a 4 inch average waist reduction over a period of 120 days. From the results carried out in these studies, it is clear that yacon syrup is certainly good for weight loss.

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