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Sunday, February 2, 2014

LAS Reviewer says: Great Reading." (on sale now, $0.93)

A Sharecropper Christmas [Kindle Edition]

Carlene Havel

Kindle Price: $0.93

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Reading, January 27, 2014
This review is from: A Sharecropper Christmas (Kindle Edition)
First her husband lost his job, then they lost the house, and now they are attempting to live in a tent while her husband did day jobs. She has two little boys and is expecting another child. Living in a tent is not an easy life…

If Ms. Havel has not experienced some lean times in her life, she did her research well. I had family that lived through the depression and their conservatism never left them. They didn’t waste things, they did without and all you needed was enough, not too much. This family is learning that as the story progresses.

Christmas may be coming but they can’t afford to do anything for it. They lived with relatives for a while, but the welcome wore out shortly. They’re ready to do anything they can to survive. When Herbert has an opportunity to become a sharecropper, they’re thrilled! They’ll get to live in a house again. Unfortunately, the house is more of shack, has no furniture, and the wind blows through it. But it’s not a tent!

The story of how Alice turns this shack into a home is heartwarming and took me back to the days of my grandparents surviving their experiences at that time. The story is realistic and warm. The love the family shares is what keeps them going and makes them strong.

Reading this story will give you a new perspective on life. I’m sure what you have is much more than the Shoemakers had. Ms. Havel has written a good tale about a bad time and kept the story positive and full of hope. I really enjoyed it.

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