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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

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Worth Her Weight In Gold [Kindle Edition]

Lynn Lovegreen

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Lauren Edwins of Inkspand reviews Worth Her Weight In Gold.
Rating4 / 5
Content"Worth Her Weight In Gold" by Lynn Lovegreen is a lovely romantic novel with historical features, made even sweeter by the fact that it's a dedication to her husband (a fact that makes the story seem more personal, as if the love is addressed with a certain person in mind).
Set in Juneau, Alaska, Lovegreen's story follows the tale of a miner named Tom who pines after the heart of famous - and beautiful - singer Ada. He, however, knows it's unlikely he'll win her affection. This is clear from the beginning, though the novel itself does not show how Ada feels regarding Tom - she has so many suitors, why should she care for this man?
Switching between perspective adds depth to the novel (though at this length, it's more like a novella) and truly allows the reader to understand the thought process behind the characters. While the word "beautiful" and the concept of the future are mentioned possibly too many times for comfort, the character development is just right. You get to know back story for lesser characters as well as the hero and heroine subtly. The tale isn't overwhelmed by details, nor is it lacking in them, either.
Something that could be worked on is how the climax seems to come and go too quickly without ever establishing a sense of urgency. However, as this is a romance novel, that's okay; the sense of sweetness instilled in the reader more than makes up for it.
Prime examples of Lovegreen's capability to paint a picture is how she showcases both Ada and Tom's love of music, and develops their bond through piano - other characters are subsequently brought in around the topic of music. Cleverly done, Lovegreen. You are a writer to watch out for, though you might do well to have some lengthier work.

Fools Gold [Kindle Edition]

Lynn Lovegreen

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