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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

She wonders if there's more to life than the stage....Brand New Release!

Ada Weiss is content to sing with her family at the new Juneau Opera House. But when she meets miner Tom Hickok, she wonders if there's more to life than the stage. For Tom, Ada is more precious than all the gold in the Treadwell Mine, but he doubts a regular guy has a chance with a beautiful singer. When a mob threatens to run their friend China Joe out of town, Ada and Tom work together and learn what their true characters really are.

$0.99 Ebook
Copyright 2014 Lynn Lovegreen

Tom Hickok enjoyed the salty tang in the air as the ferry chugged across the channel from the Treadwell Mine on Douglas Island. The clean air washed the stuffiness of the mining shafts from his system.
He surveyed Juneau, their destination on the other side of the Gastineau Channel, and picked out Front Street next to the wharf and the lines of buildings where the main businesses were. He could just see the two-story Juneau Opera House on Second and Seward. He breathed in sharply as he thought of Ada Weiss performing there with her family. What a lovely girl. He could see her brown curly bangs and blue eyes, and that sweet smile. But she probably wouldn’t remember him, even though he defended her honor the night they met. A beautiful girl like that…she was probably used to tons of men hanging around her, and he’d just be one of hundreds she met in Juneau.
That was all right, though. He could still see her sing and make small talk after the performance. He didn’t have to be the be-all and end-all in her life.
The thought led to a vision of him holding her hand, Ada looking on tenderly. Her clear blue eyes shone at him. No, that would never happen. He shouldn’t even think about loving her. An ordinary miner like him couldn’t mean anything to a famous singer like Ada Weiss.
Men shouted and the ferry bumped against the dock. Tom walked off the gangway, whistling an old tune. Maybe he’d never be Ada’s sweetheart, but the show would be a nice break from work at the mine. He was going to enjoy his leave day today. He decided to walk by the Opera House first, just to get a glimpse before getting a bite to eat.

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