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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wednesday's Christian Kindle Books: Late Reads

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wednesday's Christian Kindle Books: Late Reads

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by Deneille Renee

When Jesus sets Magdalene free, He does not return her to a lifestyle of prostitution; He sends her to live with His mother. In Jerusalem, Magdalene learns to become the woman she truly is. The only problem with Mary becoming as a mother to Magdalene is – now Jesus becomes as a brother.

After many months, of being schooled in the duties of everyday life, Magdalene has finally mastered the skills needed to become a wife and mother. She is once again reunited with her brother Lazarus and sister Martha… but is in love with her secluded lifestyle and has no intention of pursuing a future with any man....

Rebecca King has only been married for four weeks when a snow storm threatens to keep her and her new husband, Gideon Stoltzfus apart for their first Christmas. 
She watches the snow falling from the kitchen window as she helps her mamm prepare the Christmas supper. Despite being apart, she takes comfort in reflecting on their courtship and marriage, knowing that God will provide for their future.
But does Gideon have different plans?

by Molly Noble Bull 
Gatehaven by Molly Noble Bull is a Christian Gothic historical novel set in a haunting mansion in the north of England where Ian Colquhoun and Shannon Aimee battle a Frenchman with dark secrets spiritual warfare vs. the occult.  
Will they learn enough about God’s words to defend themselves and others or will evil overcome them?
Gatehaven is the 2013 Creation House Fiction Writing Contest Winner.
by Heidi Baker, Rolland Baker

Missionary Leaders Reveal Behind-the-Scenes Glimpses from Africa

Continuing where their book Expecting Miracles left off, this narrative draws from the last five years of the life of Iris Ministries. Woven alongside fascinating narrative from Mozambique is teaching from Heidi and Rolland that communicates the distilled wisdom about the heart of the Gospel from all their years of serving the poor....

God wants to answer your prayers without begging, claiming, arguing, or bargaining.
Learn how a successful Christian book publishing business began with a vision from God on the side of a busy interstate highway. The Prayer God Loves to Answer is a fascinating story of a man who said “yes” to God, which led to extraordinary opportunities in the spiritual and physical worlds. Through powerful personal stories and biblical encouragement, author and pastor Don Nori Sr. shares how “God’s plan and desire is for you to say ‘yes’ to Him, no matter what.”....

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