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Friday, May 9, 2014

Brand New Release: Sarah And The Internet Dating Service

Little Miss Goof-Up is at it again!


For her next mission to earth, The Superiors assign Sarah a challenging assignment. She is to spur a romantic relationship between Karen Newton and Jeremy Spencer…through the Internet! The dyslexic angel has managed to unite couples previously, but computers perplex her. Since the couple knows each other through their work at a Houston oil company, why must she use those irksome gadgets to trigger a romance? After all, she is known in The Heavenlies as “Little Miss Goof Up.” But an order is an order…
When Karen faces danger, Sarah must send a believable email message to Jeremy. But how? She’s already created multiple fiascoes with her Internet attempts. Perhaps she should ignore orders and find other means to alert Jeremy. Poopty doopty—it would mean a reprimand on Cloud Five. Should she risk it?
Uh-oh. Do angels get headaches?  It looks as though Sarah is headed for one.

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Copyright 2014 Gay N Lewis

 Sarah followed Karen home. Miniaturizing herself, she sat on the kitchen counter and watched the young woman prepare a microwave dinner for one.
When her charge sat at the table to eat from the plastic tray provided in the cardboard box, Sarah scrunched up her face. Disgusting. The pathetic steak and fake potatoes failed to entice, and the aroma did nothing to lure her customary appetite.
At least cleanup didn’t take long with such a meager meal. When finished, Karen took her place at the desk computer.
Hovering over her shoulder, Sarah watched. Maybe if she scrutinized closely enough, she’d learn how to maneuver on that ghastly contraption. Click, click, snap, snap...yikes! Karen’s fingers moved too fast. Impossible to keep up. Sarah moved her eyes from Karen’s hands to the screen. Several responses appeared in a mailbox.
Karen opened one from Big Tex.
Hi Shy Flower,
I see you are from Texas. Me too. My friends nicknamed me after the famed statue that greets visitors at the State Fair. I’m six feet and six inches tall, born and bred in Texas, wear cowboy boots, and a big ten-gallon hat, so the handle seemed to fit.
We share similar interests. Dinner at home with good food and rap radio is the way I want to spend an evening. Do you like to cook? If so, perhaps we could spend quality time in the kitchen. I love the sound my chef’s knife makes as I chop veggies. Chop, chop, chop. Music to my ears. Slicing and dicing is one of my favorite things to do. I even like the tears an onion brings to my eyes.
Do you like guns? Your profile didn’t say. I usually spend Saturday at the shooting range. Hitting the target dead center is a treat for me, and my aim is quite remarkable. After a day at target practice, I relax with my trusty knife and prepare dinner. Did I tell you I also like jalapenos and spicy peppers? These two ingredients go into everything I cook. After a good night’s sleep, it’s off to church on Sunday morning. Sunday afternoons I go to gun shows.
Would you enjoy a guy who cooks and takes you to gun shows? I hope so. I look forward to hearing from you.
Big Tex
Karen buried her head in her hands and laughed so hard her shoulders shook.
Sarah placed her hand over her mouth to keep from making a sound. Evidently, this man wasn’t Karen’s type.
The next email was from Real Guy.
Gay N. Lewis has a background in video production and interior design. Her credits include Psalms from the Mountains, and The Canadian Rockies. As a pastor’s wife and Adult Bible Study Leader, she has written numerous church programs and newsletters. She is a mother of three daughters and four grandchildren and lives in Fulshear, TX., a small town west of Houston.
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