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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Here's a freebie by an author you don't want to overlook

Claire Parnell, plain, repressed, and broke, falls desperately in love with Sam Murray, the sought-after new guy in town, and must overcome her scheming mother, a badly decorated red room, the enticements of the flesh (albeit scrawny), and Sam's unsavory past, to claim the same hard-fought happiness as her favorite literary heroine...Jane Eyre. (Christian romance)


Some comments from Amazon customers:

"This author is hilarious!!!!"

"This book is a blast of fun!"

"I laughed at Claire's antics and enjoyed the romance."

"Could so relate to the struggles and feelings of Claire."

"I am a hopeless romantic and this was a great read for me."

About the Author

#1 Amazon Bestselling Author in Christian and Religious Romance!

Ever since Bonnie tucked paperback romance novels into her school textbooks, she's been a fan of sweet romance. Getting to write them is even better.

Click on her titles and check out her contemporary romances set in Mexico City, the Great Northwest, the Gulf coast...there's even a regency historical romance.

Visit her website at and her blog for fun contests and give-aways.

Bonnie Blythe: Pure Christian Romance for your Kindle!

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