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Thursday, August 21, 2014

It’s a dangerous time to be an honest miner in Nome, Alaska...New Release from the Gold Rush series

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Gold mining is in Jeannie Kelly’s blood. But it’s a dangerous time to be an honest miner in Nome, Alaska—claim jumpers have invaded the territory. Jeannie has set her sights on Clint Tilghman, the strong, quiet man next door to her family’s claim. Clint fights his feelings for the impulsive lady miner, fearing he’ll lose his independence. Jeannie tries to change her tomboyish ways to attract Clint and gain respect from others, but there’s a lot to learn amidst gunplay and bar fights. Jeannie must woo Clint and beat the claim jumpers before summer’s end.

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Copyright 2014 Lynn Lovegreen

“Hey, Frank’s here!” Barry called.

They ran out to see the other Kellys clustered at the edge of their claim upriver, with two men at the bank. Frank Burkhart was one of them, his beloved bowler hat a little less round, but still recognizable above his graying fringe of hair. His round mustached face hadn’t changed any since Jeannie saw him last year.

He took his hat off. “Evening, Jeannie. How are you?”

“Good, Frank. How are you?”

“Fine, thanks. My partner and I just happened to claim this part next to you. Small world, ain’t it?”

“Yep, it is.” Jeannie remembered the last time Frank smiled at her, when he asked her out to dinner, and she turned him down. Frank was a nice enough man, but almost twice her age, and he didn’t interest her. He seemed to take it well at the time, so she hoped there were no hard feelings.

“Jeannie and Danny, this is my new partner, Clint Tilghman.”

Jeannie turned her attention to the tall young man next to Frank. No smile, but the dark brown eyes flared with intensity for a moment as he looked into her eyes. The expression quickly disappeared as he looked away at Danny. His dark wavy hair was uncovered as his Stetson was in his hands out of respect. His high cheekbones and cleft chin seemed to point to his full lips. His face was unlined. She guessed he was maybe a couple of years older than she. A red plaid flannel shirt covered his skin, but a suggestion of muscles in his arms and broad chest made his masculine body apparent to anyone who cared to look. Jeannie couldn’t seem to tear her eyes away.

“I knew the Kellys down in Idaho,” Frank was explaining to Clint. “Probably the best prospecting family in the country.”

“I thank you for that,” Da answered. “Good to see you again. Won’t you come over for some coffee? The tent is down this way.”

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