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Sunday, October 19, 2014

5 Things You Didn't Know About Author, Lee Carver

1. I have 4 living brothers (two more died as infants) and no sisters.
2. My excellent skills as a cook derive from the fact that I react severely to MSG and several other chemicals and foods. I cook from scratch because I have to.
3. I am a PhD dropout in the field of biochemistry and bacteriology.
4. I lived in one house in one small, Alabama town until going to college, and have moved 19 times since then, living in 7 countries and 9 states of the US.
5. I crochet for the Prayer Shawl Ministry.
Lee Carver 
 Lee Carver has lived in six foreign countries and studied nine languages including German and French. She and her husband traveled extensively throughout Europe while living in Spain. A five-week World War II history tour covering the areas where her father-in-law fought created the stimulus for this book.
Lee taught biology and chemistry, served as a volunteer church musician, and in retirement was a missionary in the Brazilian Amazon. She is a member of ACFW and president of its ACFW-DFW “Ready Writers” Chapter, and is active in Stephen Ministry and Kid’s Hope.

Learn more about Lee on her website at
 A SECRET LIFE by Lee Carver 
The German Army of World War II rips Karl Von Steuben from his family and privileged life, forcing him to conceal his American sympathies and Jewish heritage. Stripped of every tie to his home country, he determines to escape. As he crawls to the Siegfried Line, only he knows the hiding place of gold ingots melted from the jewelry of death camp prisoners. Wounded after assuming the identity of a fallen American soldier, Karl briefly deceives even himself. Discharged and shipped to America, he discovers God's unmerited favor in a beautiful Atlanta nurse. But he must return to Germany or relinquish his family fortune and rear children under the name of another man. Will Grace forgive his duplicity and accept him as an American?
Watch for Ms. Carver's next novel Love Takes Flight coming soon!


  1. Hi Lee, your book sounds so interesting, and what a background you have for it. My father also served in World War II in the Pacific.

  2. My father served as an agricultural expert in Alabama, far from the dangers of war, to support farmers growing food for the troops. That's how it was expressed to us kids. I think his safe service also had something to do with his brother's death as an Air Force pilot. But my father-in-law was a career Army man, and it was his battle path that we traveled which stimulated this book.

  3. How interesting! I loved "A Secret Life" BTW.

  4. Very interesting. I recommended A Secret Life to a friend and she loved it.

  5. A Secret Life is waiting for me. Interesting stuff about Lee. Wonder how she felt as the only girl?


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