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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

5 Things You Didn't Know About Author, Claire Sanders

1.  Claire has had a celebrity crush on Bill Murray since 1974.  She's nothing if not loyal!
2.  She'd like to be a contestant on a game show.
3.  Her fantasy vacation is a year in Scotland.
4.  She recently rescued a stray mother dog and six puppies.  (The mother dog needs a home!)
5.  Claire is an alumnus of Lamar University, the University of Houston, and the University of New Orleans.

 Claire Sanders
        Claire Sanders
After many years of dry, academic publications, Claire Sanders yearned to stretch her creative muscles.  Since she’d long enjoyed the guilty pleasure of reading romance novels, Claire decided to try her hand at writing one.
After two disastrous attempts which ended up in the recycling bin, Claire’s third novel, “Fresh Start”, was published in 2008 by The Wild Rose Press.   She has since published two novellas for Barbour Books —“A Quaker Christmas” and “The Quakers of New Garden”.  She has won and finaled in numerous writing contests.  To learn more about her check out the web site
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Molly Hanson knows that the Lord has sent her a good, loving man and that marriage is the next step.  But her fiancé won’t set a date until he’s landed a steady job, and that’s not easy in today’s economy.
Raised by his grandmother, Jack Stewart can’t imagine abandoning her.  He not only loves his grandmother, he feels responsible for her care now that her health is failing.  But if he doesn’t find a good-paying job soon, he may be forced to choose between life with Molly and life as a dutiful grandson.
 On Christmas morning, Jack receives three precious gifts of the heart, three gifts that open his eyes to the tender grace of true love.


Copyright 2012 © Claire Sanders

Just as she was about to move to the next resident’s room, a familiar voice caused her heart to skip a beat. Jack stood at the nurses’ station, smiling like a star on a dark night. How could she not fall in love with such a handsome man? Even though she saw him every day, her heart still fluttered when he was near.
“Hey, you,” she said with a broad smile.
Jack turned at the sound of her voice and returned her smile. “How’s my best girl?”
“Busy. How’d it go this morning?”
Something flickered in Jack’s eyes, but he shrugged it away. “Same old story. Got time for lunch?”
Molly’s heart fell a few inches. How hard it must be for Jack to keep up his spirits after so many rejections. She wanted to wrap her arms around him and cuddle him close, but the hallway was becoming unusually crowded with geriatric spectators. “No lunch until I finish the meds. I thought you were meeting your grandmother at the building supply this afternoon.”
Jack moved to her side and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “I’m not meeting Nana until two o’clock. Besides, I think better when my stomach isn’t growling.”
Molly smiled at the man she loved. She’d known him since junior high, but she’d never given him more than a passing thought. Jack Stewart had been a year older, active in every sport Poplar Bluff High School offered, and not in her circle of friends. But college had been a different story. There, she’d discovered a tenderhearted boy hiding behind Jack’s athletic swagger. “Go to the dining room and order a spinach salad for me. I’ll be along in a few minutes.”
Jack leaned down and placed his mouth close to Molly’s ear. “How about a kiss for your future husband?”
Molly grinned and stepped back. “Later,” she whispered. “When we’re not being watched.”
Jack straightened and scanned the area, his cheeks growing an adorable shade of peony pink as he realized every resident’s gaze was fixed on him. “Good idea,” he muttered as he turned and walked toward the dining room.


  1. Bill Murray? Interesting crush. Nice to know Claire's loyalty. Why a year in Scotland? Does she have roots there? Claire Sanders is a good writer. I enjoy her books.

  2. I love the way Claire's books tenderly plumb the depths of emotion.


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