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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

5 Things You Didn't Know About Author, Julie Cosgrove

1. I'm the third daughter. My mother was the third daughter, as was my grandmother and great-grandmother, and great-great grandmother...then I had a son, and an emergency hysterectomy. But it hopped to my niece who now has three daughters. I wrote a story about this and it won 3rd place in Writer's Digest contest. 
2.My name is Julie because I was supposed to be born in early July. I came into the world the end of May. I'm glad my parents chose not to rename me. However, in highschool I toyed with dropping the "e". Juli looked so much more unique and exotic. Yep, people began to pronounce it like the month the doctors said would be my birth month. Oh well...
3. I'm a true Gemini. I was raised during the year in a posh section of San Antonio. While other kids took soccer lessons, I took piano, etiquette, and flower arranging like a good little socialite. But from Memorial Day to Labor Day, I lived in the Texas Hill Country as a river rat...rodeos, barefoot and bathing suits. I'm pretty good with a rifle, too. That cabin on the river is where I always found myself closest to God, especially one starry summer nights or early misty-morning strolls. 
4. My late husband's knack for finding companies who'd go bankrupt caused us to live in four states and nine different cities in twelve years. That was my rollercoaster stage of life. One thing I learned--find a great church and all else will be fall into place.
5. For seven months I could only write with my non-dominant hand due to a pinched nerve in my neck. Freelance writing was my income at the time.  After surgery, I regained about 75% usage of my dominant hand, but still can't type with my ring finger or pinkie. So I had to re-teach myself how to click away at the keyboard without them. 

Julie B. Cosgrove is a freelance writer, professional speaker and published author. She is a member of Advanced Writers & Speakers Association, American Christian Fiction Writers, North Texas Christian Writers, The Christians Writers Group Two, and Christian Writers Fellowship International.

She represents Women at Risk International, a Christian missionary group who sponsor safe houses for women and children snatched from human trafficking and slavery in thirteen countries and is actively involved in Prayer For Freedom, a nonprofit anti-trafficking ministry.

As a speaker, Julie has achieved the highest level of communication award, the Advance Communication Gold, in Toastmasters International. She has led quiet days, workshops and retreats as well as spoken to many women’s and church groups throughout Texas, Louisiana and Florida, and in Indianapolis.

Julie writes regularly for several Christian websites and publications. In the past three years alone, her articles have been featured in Devozine and Alive Now Magazines published by the Upper Room, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Find Your Happiness, Faith-filled Family Magazine, Good News Daily, The Secret Place, Light from the Word, and The Journey.

She has also published five nonfiction works: P.R.A.Y.I.N.G.: Bringing Power and Purpose to Your Prayers (2009), Song Notes: Devotionals from the Book of Psalms (2010), What Can She Tell Us? (2011), Between the Window and the Door (2012), and Squeeze More God-time Into Your Day (2013).

Julie has authored three contemporary faith-based novels. Focused, set in the Texas Hill Country, which follows a woman’s journey to find God in her empty nest, was released in 2012. She is working on the other two novels in that trilogy, Grounded and Rooted. The sequel to Hush in the Storm, Legitimate Lies, launches through Prism Book Group in early 2015.

Contact her at or through her blog, http://www.WhereDidYouFindGod
Watch for Julie Cosgrove's novel Legitimate Lies coming soon!

Hush in the Storm

 Jen, a young widow floundering in the storm of mourning, whose only lifeline is her humdrum job, is tossed into a maze of deceit and intrigue by a coworker named the request of her late husband, or so Tom says. He kidnaps her and fakes her death to keep her safe from the cartel who he thinks caused her husband's "accident." Together, they are thrust into a tempest of danger and deceit where no one is whom they claim to be. The list of people Jen can believe in keeps diminishing. Who can she trust while dodging the Feds, human traffickers and the press who've discovered she's alive? How will Jen rescue the two held-captive girls she befriends without drowning them, Tom, and herself in the waves of betrayal, especially when she's begun to suspect her husband may not be as dead as everyone thinks...

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  1. Fascinating! I loved "Hush in the Storm", BTW.

  2. Loved "Hush in the Storm" and can't wait for "Legitimate Lies". I gave my DIL a copy of HITS and she too is waiting for January 2015, Julie. How fortunate I am to call you friend. That third daughter thingy is really spooky. What a gene pool! My husband went through four corporate down-sizings, which is why we're in Texas. Somehow didn't have you pegged as a rodeo gal, but delighted you are.


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