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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Are you a fan? Pre-order your copy now.

Are you a fan of the Sarah series? Don't forget to pre-order the next novella, due out Oct 15th! Order now and it will be delivered automatically to your Kindle on release day!

Book Description

October 15, 2014
The Superiors left Sarah, “Heaven’s Little Love Angel,” on Earth to complete the third
consecutive and interrelated mission. With simple instructions to find a mate for Galena Maddox and a dad for six-year-old Mandy, Sarah should have no problem, right? Well, except that dyslexic Sarah—known for bungles and goof-ups—creates more mayhem than she ever imagined possible. Pesky human disguises cause her trouble—again. In mortal form, she either injures people or embarrasses herself. Now the earthlings think she’s a fugitive from a mental hospital.

With Galena’s shady past, will Matt Austin, a minister, even consider her as a wife? And
will Matt’s hoity-toity church accept Galena if Sarah successfully brings them together? Angels shouldn’t worry, but the task is daunting.

A wedding featuring the love interests from Sarah and the Internet Dating Service just
might provide the magical atmosphere necessarily to bring Galena and Matt together.


  1. Thanks Jacqui for telling everyone about Sarah and a Dad for Mandy. I hope everyone will preorder. This is a funny, poignant book.

    1. Anyone who doesn't know Sarah is missing out on a treat!


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