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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Heartwarming 99 cent holiday eBooks from Prism Book Group!

Heartwarming 99 cent holiday eBooks from Prism Book Group! 
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New Releases

The Christmas Journal
By Kimberly B Jackson
$.99 eBook
ISBN: 978-1-940099-92-7

Ashley Moore’s life forever changed the day her mother died, and she was sent to live with relatives. Now, ten years later, Ashley returns home, hoping to connect with her estranged father. When she learns he’s decided to reopen the family’s Christmas lodge for the upcoming holiday season, Ashley volunteers to help. While cleaning, she discovers her mother’s journal detailing the last month of her life. Will the book hold the answer as to why her dad sent her away? Who is the mysterious Adam her mother keeps mentioning in the diary? Can the words of her mother reconcile father and daughter in time for Christmas? 

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Sarah & Three Times a Charm
By Gay N Lewis
Romance/ Angels/Christian
$3.99 eBook/$14.99 Print

A collection of three "Sarah" novellas by Gay N. Lewis. 

Sarah and the Internet Dating Service 

For her next mission to earth, The Superiors assign Sarah a challenging assignment—spur a romantic relationship between Karen Newton and Jeremy Spencer…through the Internet! 

Sarah and the Scary Ferris Wheel 

Sarah is given a new mission—to link Robert Johnson and Brittany Lee—two people she encountered while trying to bring a couple together on that irksome computer Internet dating service. Oh sure, she’d done it. Not without trial and a lot of error, but with this fresh assignment, trouble would come…she was positive. 

Sarah and a Dad for Mandy 

With simple instructions to find a mate for Galena Maddox and a dad for six-year-old Mandy, Sarah should have no problem, right? Well, except that dyslexic Sarah—known for bungles and goof-ups—creates more mayhem than she ever imagined possible. 

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Love Takes Flight
By Lee Carver
Christian Fiction/
$3.99 eBook
ISBN: 978-1-940099-91-0

Volunteering in the Amazon to escape a broken heart, American R.N. Camille Ringold fears she has lost the chance to be married to a doctor and live well in suburbia. Serving two weeks with missionaries living out a sacred calling, she considers whether a more meaningful life might be hers. 

When the Wings of Help plane is hijacked, she and missionary pilot Luke Strong escape into the jungle. Priorities change as experiences of faith mount. Where is the intersection of God’s will and her selfish desires? 
Returning to Alabama, she discovers the controlling side of her rejected sweetheart. He covers his lies with rationalizations. Dangers of the Amazon fade compared to threats from the man she once wanted to marry. 

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