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Friday, January 30, 2015

A Grandmother's Legacy, 365 Notes To Live By--a prelude to Ella's Rain

A Grandmother's Legacy: 365 Notes to Live By

A devotional collection of 365 inspirational notes inspired by the fiction book Ella’s Rain by Buffy Andrews. These are notes written by Grandma D to her granddaughter Ella, to be shared in the year after her passing. Slowly, these notes help Ella learn to live and love again.

We are publishing these notes separately, as we hope Grandma D’s legacy will inspire many with her wise words, and sage advice.

Don’t forget to check out Ella’s Rain, releasing in February 2015.

Ella's Rain

My dearest Ella,
I wish we would have had more time together, but we both know that we don’t always get what we want…

Ella is consumed by grief when her Grandma Dorothy dies. Left with Grandma’s ashes in an alabaster urn, Ella dreams of rubbing it like a magic lamp and Grandma suddenly appearing.

But it’s only a dream.

To protect herself from experiencing this kind of heartache ever again, Ella pulls away from Trey, the love of her life. Better to leave him than to lose him, she thinks.Slowly Ella learns to live again as she reads the letters Grandma left behind -- one for every day of the coming year.

My dearest Ella,

I can’t believe that I’m writing the last note you will ever receive from me. By the time you read this, a whole year will have passed since my death. I hope my notes have helped you find your way...

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