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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Northern Lights...on sale!

Maddie Smart is at a crossroads. Her job and her relationship have both suddenly ended. On the advice of a friend she flies to a northern fishing lodge to recoup and plan her next move. Here she meets fishermen who don't fish, a policeman who does, a man who says he's seen Sasquatch and a lodge owner who sets her pulses racing.
She finds herself running headlong into danger with no idea of who she can trust. Her feelings for Lodge owner Rupert are clouded by his hot and cold moods, and her growing suspicions of his right hand man's involvement in a bear part harvesting ring. Maddie must face her deepest fear before she can find answers. She also must learn to trust again before she can find her own happy ending.

Editorial Reviews


Reviewed by Brenda Casto for Readers' Favorite
Northern Lights by Sharon McGregor is a page-turning, suspense-filled mystery that begs to be read in one sitting! When Madison (Maddie) Smart finds herself without a job, her best friend Boomer suggests that she take a temporary job managing a fishing lodge for his friend Rupe. Her one stumbling block is her longtime boyfriend Blair, but when he dumps her she thinks the change in scenery will do her a world of good. She is immediately drawn to Rupe, but she can't figure him out; one minute he seems interested and the next he doesn't. One thing is certain though, there is something fishy going on at the lodge, and Maddie is determined to figure out the mystery. The thing is she has no idea who she can trust.

Northern Lights is a novella that packs plenty of punch in a few pages. Well developed characters and a fast paced mystery made for a satisfying read. Maddie is such a spunky, fun loving character. A company buyout has her without a job, her boyfriend dumps her, but instead of moping she heads to the wilds of Canada to take a temporary job. Ms. McGregor really made me feel like Maddie was a real person, one that I could easily relate to. Rich descriptions really brought the setting of the Canadian woods and the lodge to life. This well written mystery kept me guessing about who the bad guys really were. I wasn't sure which side Rupe was on. Fans of good clean romance that provides mystery, suspense, a splash of humor, and a great cast of characters will certainly find this a delightful read. I know I did.

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