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Saturday, June 27, 2015

"I adored Bruce and my heart broke for his brother." Larik Burci

By Georgina Sellwood

Contemporary Romance/Suspense


Someone wants her dead... But why? 

When Amanda Vanderbilt is attacked at a party, she hides in a cowboy’s horse trailer to elude the masked man suddenly stalking her relentlessly. 

Bruce Palmer is on a mission to pick up horses for his boss across country in Seattle. A loner, he wants nothing to do with the pretty blonde he finds stowed away. 

But like it or not, he’s been lassoed into the mess, and it’s now his duty to protect her. 

Who is the masked man and why is he chasing them in a semi? 


By Larik Burci on June 15, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
Amanda Running Scared
This story is beautiful. Just a might repetitive.
While the story is about Amanda, romantic, suspenseful and adorable. There two sets of brothers. The ones raised with love and care and others with alcohol and temper. How trully we are responsible for the future of our children. You just might save a few lives by raising a proper, God-fearing gentleman and lady.
I adored Bruce and my heart broke for his brother, but what really made me stop and think was their enemy on the eighteen-wheeler. Griffin. He didn't want to hurt Amanda, he was forced into it by his crazy brother and the wrong upbringing. I know that there are bad criminals that were raised in good homes and key people of history that were raised by some ignorant and abusive parents, but those are exceptions. We have to always strive to raise pillars of society not fill jails.
I have thoroughly enjoyed this book. And recomend it for pleasure reading.
Disclaimer: I have received a free copy of this book from Prismbook group in exchange for my honest review.

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