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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

She's working with the police to find a murderer


The Tempering Agent | [Victoria Pitts Caine]

The Tempering Agent

Dr. Priscilla Hackling finds herself thrown back into the murder investigation of her fiancé, Trey Whittington. While she was a suspect three years ago, she's now working with the police to find the murderer, Egyptian artifact trafficker Zarka El-Din.
During a sting operation in Siwa, she and Agent Donnie Barnes are drawn to each other, but Priscilla, overcome by personal ghosts from her past, decides a relationship isn't possible.
Priscilla realizes she's the bait in the ruse and uncovers others involved with El-Din. Will she and Donnie reconcile and unravel the reason behind Trey's death before El-Din kills her, too?
©2014, 2015 Victoria Pitts-Caine (P)2015 Victoria Pitts-Caine

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