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Friday, December 4, 2015


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An Apple a Day
Dr. Brian Coridan needs a break. He vacations in quiet Blossom Lake, Wisconsin where he plans to ponder his future as a physician. He never expects to be distracted by Talia Fountain, the town's "health food nut." She's both charming and annoying and their philosophies about medicine are worlds apart. Then why can't Brian keep his distance? Could it be she holds the key to what's been missing in his medical practice?
September Sonata
Krissy and Blaine's marriage is in its autumn season...or is just over? Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has grown dull. Boring. But there's a handsome, sophisticated new principal at the Christian school where Krissy teaches. Their attraction to each other is undeniable--but is it strong enough for Krissy to call it quits with her frumpy fireman husband?
Let It Snow
Everyone in the small Door County, Wisconsin town thought Shari Kretlow and Brenan Sheppard would marry someday--until Shari ran off with another guy. Decades later, Shari is a widow and finds herself stranded in a Wisconsin blizzard on Christmas Eve. The Sheppards open their doors and invite her to stay. But there's a problem. Dr. Brenan Sheppard, now a missionary in Brazil, is home for the holidays and he's about to propose marriage to a woman on his missions' team. But when he sees Shari, long-lost feelings come to light. Can a past romance be resurrected? What's more, can it survive?
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Copyright 2015 Andrea Boeshaar

The bell on the door jangled, and Talia turned to see a man with dark-blond hair enter. He wore blue jeans and a forest green polo shirt that accentuated his hazel eyes. His attractive face, square jaw and straight nose, reminded Talia of a Hollywood film actor. Several movie stars vacationed in Blossom Lake, although she wouldn’t recognize one if he or she passed her by on the street. She smiled. Maybe this guy was famous.
She stepped forward. “Hi. Welcome to Fountain of Life.”
“G’morning.” He sported a cheery expression. “I’m looking for the lady who makes those scrumptious apple pies.”
“That would be my mother.” She turned and presented her. “Marlene Fountain.”
“A pleasure to meet you. I’m Brian Coridan.” He approached and offered his right hand.
Mom shook it politely.
“I’ve enjoyed your pies.” A hint of a blush crept into his face. “I ate one for dinner last night and finished the other one at breakfast.”
“Well, they are rather small,” Mom said, always the diplomat. “I’m glad you liked them.”
Brian turned to Talia. Taking his proffered hand, she introduced herself.
“So...” His gaze wandered the store. “You’re the owner of this place, huh?”
Talia widened her eyes. “Is that so surprising?”
“No, I only meant…well...”
Talia realized he meant no harm. “I apologize for being defensive. We had a…” Dare she call it a theft? “We had an incident here yesterday afternoon, and I’m still reeling from it.”
“Sorry to hear it.”
Mom stood slightly behind Talia and gripped her shoulders. “If your diet consists of only apple pies, Mr. Coridan, you might be interested in purchasing some multivitamins.”
He chuckled at the obvious sales tactics. “I’m a medical physician and don’t take much stock in vitamins. Thanks anyway. But I will buy another apple pie.”
“Coming right up. I’ve got several on the cooling rack.”
Talia watched Mom walk to the kitchen located in the back of the store. Finally, she stared back at her customer. “So you’re a handsome doctor, huh?” There. She’d give him a bit of his own smart-alecky medicine.
He shrugged. “Guilty on at least one of those charges.” He grinned.
In spite of herself, Talia felt rather—charmed. “You must be new in town.”
“You got me again.”
A man who could admit she was right? Imagine that. “Where are you from—if you don’t mind me asking.”
“Not at all. I’m originally from Virginia, but I got accepted to med school in Milwaukee and ended up going into practice in the same vicinity.”
“Ah…so you’ve escaped from the big city.”
He chuckled. “I sure did.”
Probably married. “Well, I hope you and your wife and kids will take advantage of all the recreation that Blossom Lake has to offer.”
“Oh, I’m not married. Not anymore.”
So he’s divorced with a large alimony payment. She folded her arms.
Dr. Cordian’s gaze swept over her, and Talia blushed at his open appraisal. Yes, she’d been fishing, but not on the lake. However, he’d find what every other guy did—Talia was just another single plain Jane with a mousy-colored tangle of curls and ordinary brown eyes. She possessed a so-so figure. Nothing special here.
And yes, she was another health food freak. Judging from his statement about multivitamins, it was doubtful that he’d respect her views on natural remedies versus prescription and over-the-counter drugs.
“So who takes care of your husband and kids while you’re working?” Dr. Cordian snapped his fingers. “Let me guess. Your mom does, in between baking up all that apple goodness.”
Rude! Talia clenched her jaw in preparation for giving him a slice of her mind and tossing his pie order at him. But then she caught sight of the teasing glimmer in his eyes. She smiled. If nothing else, Dr. Coridan was clever. “I’m not married. Never was. No kids.”
With pursed lips, he gave a nod and clasped his hands behind his back. Without further comment, he began perusing her inventory. “Were you born and raised in Blossom Lake?”
“No. I’m originally from a little town south of here whose name isn’t even on the map, it’s so tiny. My parents retired here in Blossom Lake and, after college, I decided to join them and go into business for myself.”
“I admire the entrepreneurial spirit.” He examined the free literature on the black wire spinner-rack near the doorway. “But I can’t say I’m fond of this New Age herbs and sprouts stuff.”
“Actually, I don’t consider the concept of natural wellness to be New Age at all.” She moved toward him. “In fact, much of what’s on the market today in the way of herbal remedies dates back to biblical times.”
“Lots of people died in those days because physicians didn’t have the resources we utilize today.”
“True, but so much of medicine is profit and gain and putting money into the pockets of executives at insurance and drug companies. It’s not, in my opinion, about the welfare of patients.”
Brian gave the rack another spin. “I might agree with you there.”
He glanced at her and grinned. “Surprised?”
“Yes.” But pleasantly so.
Mom reentered the shop carrying an apple pie wrapped in a brown paper sack. “Here ya be.” At the cash register, she rang it up.
Dr. Coridan extracted his wallet from his back pocket and paid.
“Thanks much.” He nodded toward Talia. “Nice meeting you ladies.”
“The pleasure was ours,” Mom said. “Stop in again.”
Watching Dr. Coridan’s retreating form, Talia found herself hoping he would do exactly that.


Andrea Boeshaar has been married for nearly forty years. She and her husband have three wonderful sons, one beautiful daughter-in-law, and five precious grandchildren. Andrea’s publishing career began in 1994. Since then, 30 of her books have gone to press. Additionally, Andrea cofounded ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) and served on its Advisory Board. In 2007, Andrea earned her certification in Christian life coaching. She speaks at women’s retreats and leads writers’ workshops. For more information, log onto Andrea’s website at:
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