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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Love deleted scenes? Here's one from Sarah: A Mission of Love

Sarah: A Mission of Love by [Lewis, Gay N. ]

The sun! She had overslept. Merciful heavens! Sarah rubbed the sleep from her eyes and sat up. Where was Tom? She looked down from her perch and saw him working on Marcy’s car.
And the snow was gone. Only small patches of the white stuff remained in shadowed places. “Oh poopty doopty! I wanted to see Hope play in it.” This far up in the heavens, no one would hear her talk to herself.
Tom must have already dropped Marcy at work and bought a tire. He was now removing the flat one. Missing the whole thing was a disappointment, but the morning must have gone well.
Sarah’s stomach rumbled. How was an angel supposed to eat while on earth? She descended from her cloud and found some blackberries growing on vines behind Allison’s house. A snake reared his ugly head and watched her as she plucked a few and ate them.
“Be gone, Mr. Snake. You don’t scare me. The Almighty doomed you way back in the Garden of Eden.”
The snake hissed at her but he slithered away.
She took a handful of berries and returned to watch Tom.


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