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Monday, December 19, 2016

"...kept me biting my fingernails and sitting on the edge of my seat." Anthony Elmore for Readers' Favorite

by Gail Pallotta
Reviewed by Anthony Elmore for Readers' Favorite

Breaking Barriers by Gail Pallotta is a Christian romance thriller novel. Anne Jones's life changes drastically when a terrorist group targets her church, leaving few of the congregation alive. Later, she discovers that churches in fourteen other states had the same thing happen in a synchronized terrorist attack. Now, the Christ Church has been forced underground. Feeling called to keep the Christian faith alive by protecting Christ's Church members, Ann starts an organization. Despite the threats and attacks, Ann is determined to honor the memory of the Christ Church members that have died by founding The True Light Guardians Alliance. With the help of James, a handsome travel agent and former Christ Church member, Ann has hopes that she can reestablish the church. While struggling to keep the church alive, Ann starts to fall for James. Only, after growing up with a mean brother and an abusive father, can Ann allow herself to love a man?

Breaking Barriers by Gail Pallotta is a very intense novel. I love how it kept me biting my fingernails and sitting on the edge of my seat. Although the story was amazing, there were a few places that confused me due to the author's word choices. I liked how the author kept the romance between Ann and James clean but intriguing. James's ability to help Ann heal from her past, while lending her strength to continue fighting, was inspiring. I recommend this book to those who enjoy Christian thriller novels with romantic undertones.

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