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Friday, September 1, 2017

A Thrill Ride That Won't Quit--reviewed by JEsyzygy

Time Tsunami by [Rotharmel, Danele J.]

OH MY! What a ride! Time Tsunami is not your average book by any stretch of the imagination. There were so many twists and turns in this novel my head was spinning, and that's a huge compliment. I had no idea where the plot was headed but when I got to the end I wanted to smack my forehead and say "well, of course." Everything fell into place and I was sad to see it end.

But then I had the most wonderful thought! It doesn't end here! The second book, TIME TRAP, is now in my kindle and it's next up on my must read list. With intelligent, evocative writing filled with descriptions I could clearly see in my mind, characters I cared about and rooted for, and a plot that made me ooo and ahhh, I would highly recommend this book and give it as gifts. If you like good clean fun, and a thrill ride to boot, buy the book.

Get your copy for $4.37 Kindle


  1. Jacqueline, thank you so much for sharing this lovely review! I'm so glad that JEsyzygy enjoyed my book!

  2. You're welcome. It's a fantastic book!


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