Thursday, March 29, 2018

I write gentle suspense. Who knew?

Since I'm not a big fan of the kind of hard core suspense that makes me hide behind a blanket while the action plays out on TV, I tend not to write it either. However, as odd as this may seem, I still like suspense.

You can understand my delighted surprise when one of my beta readers dropped a genre bomb on me: I write gentle suspense. I'm not sure if that's a new genre, but it fits.  

Something else I didn't realize until it was brought to my attention was I torture my heroes in a playful way.

That led me to my next realization: my heroines are mischievous. And of course, that's part of the torment my heroes must endure before they achieve their happily ever after. 

My favorite part of writing is picturing a scene where the heroine is setting the hero up for some fun antics as a way to relieve the gentle suspense. Translating the scene from my imagination to the written word can be challenging, and may take me days to write and perfect that scene, but the personal enjoyment I receive from it is worth it.

So if gentle suspense, tortured heroes, and mischievous heroines are what you enjoy reading, you just might like my stories.

Jacqueline D. Hopper

The Candy Cane Champion

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Chapter One


“You want to marry my sister?”
Lily Rose Dalton watched as her beefy lump of a brother bellowed from the head
of the dinner table before howling with laughter. The tanned flesh of his neck
and face mottled as his amusement disintegrated into deafening, lung-blasting coughs.

“Pay no attention to him, Ramsey.” Her shoulders were rigid as she cut into
her roasted partridge. “Gerard has yet to recognize a gentleman when he sees one.”

“I’m quite sincere in my request,” Ramsey Stover said from where he sat across
the table from Lily Rose. The earnestness in his voice pulled her gaze to him.

Unlike Gerard, who sported a tailored dark blue striped suit with plain bottom pants,
Ramsey wore a simple grey plaid shirt and gray cuff-bottom trousers.

But Ramsey had something her brother and most of the other men she’d met didn’t—
refinement. Intrinsic elegance. Intelligence. Things money couldn’t buy.

Once his coughing spell finished, Gerard rested his elbow on the table and
pointed his fork at their guest. “Has Lily told you what’s required of the
possible groom in order for her to be married?”

“She has.” Ramsey’s hazel eyes turned in her direction, his hair reflecting shades
of russet in the light streaming from the chandelier.

“Huh! And you’re still here.” Reaching for his wine glass, Gerard quirked an
eyebrow at Lily Rose. “Are you sure you told him everything? Every detail?”

“Of course.” She returned her attention to her plate, her appetite nonexistent
though she continued to pick at the food on her plate. "He has to fight you."

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