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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Anaerobic exercises include the use of:

Anaerobic exercises include the use of:

1. Weights eg. barbells & dumbbells.
2. Exercise bands.
3. Weight machines.
4. Your own body. This is known as Isometrics (in which one part of the body is used to resist the movement of another part) - push ups, crunches etc Sprinting, either in running, cycling or swimming and simply climbing up a steep hill are also forms of anaerobic exercise - if it leaves you puffed it's anaerobic!


1. Makes our bones and muscles stronger.
2. Lower overall blood sugar readings - muscles take glucose out of the blood therefore the more muscle you have the better your BG levels.
3. Lower blood pressure.
4. Helps strengthen joints and muscles so reducing pain.
5. Increases muscle mass over fat so person loses inches.
6. Increases insulin sensitivity.
7. Raises 'good' cholesterol levels and lowers 'bad' ones.

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