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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Insulin Storage and Use

Insulin Storage and Use

Insulin must be stored properly, as it will spoil if left in temperatures that are too hot or too cold. Insulin retains its potency at room temperature for thirty days.
If you are travelling in hot temperatures, store your insulin in an insulated bag or cooled thermos. In extremely hot conditions, you can freeze water in plastic bottles and keep these in your insulated bag along with your insulin and food supplies. When melted, the water can then serve as drinking water.
If you are skiing, camping or working in a cold climate, keep your insulin close to your body or an insulated bag to keep it from freezing.
If your trip is short, you may want to keep your needles and sharps and dispose of them on your return home. For longer trips, you can purchase small containers that store or disintegrate needles and syringes.
If you use insulin pens, take a spare one with you. Also, pack some syringes as they can be used in an emergency to withdraw insulin from an insulin cartridge. Remember not to insert air into the cartridge when doing so.

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