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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Keeping Blood Glucose Levels Under Control

Keeping Blood Glucose Levels Under Control

While on vacation, test your blood glucose regularly. Regular testing is the only way you’ll know whether your blood glucose levels are in their target range. It is also a good idea to bring the instruction manual for your meter as well as extra batteries and test strips with you.
Carry alcohol swabs or moist towelettes to wipe your fingers prior to testing when necessary. Keep a daily record of injections, medications and test results. If you have trouble with your blood glucose levels, follow the adjustment guidelines as discussed with your doctor or diabetes educator and/or contact your doctor or diabetes educator or contact a hospital in the area for advice. Be sure to have your documented list of medications handy to help the doctor provide appropriate care.
If you have opted for travel medical insurance, take your documents to the hospital with you. Insulins have different names and are supplied in different strengths in some countries. Make sure that the insulin and syringe concentrations are the same as those you use at home. Consider using your own supplies of medications and syringes in third world countries. Avoid using local syringes if not sterile.

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