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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Selection and storage

Selection and storage

In the Northern Europe, parsnip season begins soon after the first frost and last until March, when fresh arrivals flood the markets. It is not uncommon to find parsnips and carrots grown by many families in their home garden during the season.

In the markets select fresh, firm, fleshy, medium size, even surfaced parsnips. Avoid long, thin, and tail like roots, as they are stringy and less sought after in cooking. Furthermore, avoid, woody, over-mature ones, as they are off-flavored. Do not buy soft, shriveled, pitted, knobby, or damaged roots.

Store parsnips in a plastic bag and place in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator set between 0°C and 5°C. Do not place raw parsnips in the freezer compartment.

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