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Monday, March 17, 2014

Health Benefits of Avocado

Avocado, or also called alligator pears, is a fruit that belongs to the Lauraceae, a flowering plants family which also includes camphor, cinnamon and bay laurel. Avocados are believed to be originated in Mexico, where the name of “avocado” is derived from Aztech or Nahuatl word ‘ahuacatl‘, meaning ‘testicle‘, a reference to the shape of the fruit.
The avocados are very popular in vegetarian cuisine, as a substitute for meats in sandwiches and salads due to its high fat content. It is used as the base for the Mexican dip known as guacamole, as well as a filling for several kinds of sushi, including California rolls. It is also popular in chicken dishes and as a spread on toast, served with salt and pepper.
In some countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Brazil, avocados are commonly used for milkshakes and occasionally added to ice cream and other desserts. The dessert drink is made with milk, sugar and crushed ice. Chocolate syrup is sometimes added.

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