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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A shameful secret...a duty to fulfill...The Captive Bird

The Captive Bird

By Claire Sanders

A SHAMEFUL SECRET – Jenna Ryan has a secret she plans to take to the grave, but the arrival of Matt Watson on her doorstep threatens to reveal that secret.
There’s no way Jenna will fulfill Matt’s request, because doing so would threaten the fragile world she’s built.
A DUTY TO FULFILL – Matt Watson grew up idolizing his uncle. But as he endeavors to fulfill his uncle’s last request, Matt reveals a secret he wishes he’d never uncovered. How can a man Matt idolized have committed such an appalling act?
THE CAPTIVE BIRD – Jenna Ryan has created a safe haven in the north Georgia town of Walnut Hill. The victim of a devastating crime, she’s ...


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