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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"One of the better ones!" says Lois Brinkman


In SOMETHING ABOUT SAM, author Susette Williams exposes the truth of how miscommunication can drive a wedge between couples and alter the course of their future together. A good read for couples about to embark on marriage or those who need a gentle reminder to talk things out while there's still time. --Diann Hunt, Author of Petals of Promise in the anthology THE BOUQUET

SOMETHING ABOUT SAM is a delightful, gentle romance, whose plot complications resemble an ornate minuet, or, more appropriately, an especially involved square dance. The reader will, by turns, chuckle, groan and sigh until the satisfying ending. --Ellen Edwards Kennedy, author of IRREGARDLESS OF MURDER

Have you ever felt the loss of a loved one? It sometimes takes a while to get back on track again. Have you ever had a mix-up on relations with other people? Does your face get red when you say the wrong thing? Do you ever get irritated when things don't go your way? If these questions bring a wrinkle to your nose, then I recommend that your read SOMETHING ABOUT SAM, written by Susette Williams. Your interest will be held by all the problems and solutions in this exciting book. --Reviewed by Bill Schlegl, author of BIBLE FIRSTS, CPH

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